IT Services & Support FAQs

Here is some basic knowledge and FAQs for general IT services and IT support questions asked by our customers.

it services faqs

What are IT Services?

IT services are the application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations in the creation, management and optimization of or access to information and business processes.

What are examples of IT services?

Some examples of IT services might include cloud services, backup and disaster recovery, network security, help desk support, managed print services, computer training, and it consulting.

What does an IT services company do?

An IT service company is hired as contract IT experts create, maintain, update, and service your software, hardware, and systems.

What services do IT companies provide?

An it services provider will manage software patches, security features, and all necessary updates for your company’s workstations.

What is a IT Solution?

An information technology (IT) solution is a set of related software programs and/or services that are sold as a single package.

How much does it support cost for a small business?

Our customers have stated previous outsourced services cost them around $500 to $1,500 a month, we’re flexible and work with your budget by using fixed-cost blocks to fulfill necessary requests for your small business.

Is there a definitive list of all IT Services?

The simple answer is, no, but an example of it services might include: Managed IT Service, On-Demand IT Service, Network Setup, Network Security, Database Management, Cloud Computing, Software Support, Data Storage, VoIP Service, Computer Repair, Software Development, and Server & Website Maintenance.

How much does a 1-hour block of it support cost?

An 1-hour block of it services support usually costs a business about $60. The average hourly rate is $60/hr.

What types of organizations benefit from an IT services provider?

Both through efficiency and cost savings, small-to-medium sized businesses benefit the most from IT services solutions.