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Secure Offsite Backup

Secure Offsite Backup

Official secure offsite backup services and professional it services, we’re ready for your call at (602) 497-2582 schedule an appointment today.

Secure Offsite Backup Services

Lack of a solid backup and disaster recovery plan is a catastrophe waiting for any business. We take back up seriously, whether configuration is done in-house or using our remote service.

AIM’s remote backup service provides image and file based backups for both Windows and Linux.

Standard configuration every two hours during business hours with two weeks of versions in case corruption/deletion is not detected right away.

Custom more frequent configurations are available for high volume transaction based applications and/or need for longer archiving periods.

Features & Benefits:


Network Services

Over 25 years we’ve seen it all, and our experts are well equipped to handle any comprehensive IT network services solutions that may be required by your business.

Wireless Security Solutions & Services

Defining white-hat processes can help identify problem areas in your network and eliminate them with ease. See our services for wireless security solutions.

Managed IT Support Services

Our managed IT support services experts have over 25+ years in combined experience building client & servers using enterprise database applications, as well as stand-alone desktop solutions.

Website Maintenance Services

Our team provides website maintenance regularly checking for issues on your web server, as well as errors, debugging, and keeping your website up-to-date.

Upgrades & Server Maintenance

AIM IT Services provides top-rated upgrades and server maintenance services for small and medium sized businesses.

Secure Offsite Backup

Official secure offsite backup services provided by AIM IT Services, we’re ready for your call at (602) 497-2582 schedule an appointment today.

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