Setting Up Auto Attendant System For Your Business Voicemail

An auto attendant system works with the rest of a business’s communication structure, including voicemail and call forwarding.

Our 24/7 team provides it services, maintenance and monitoring, as well as phone VoIP configuration and more.

Setting Up Auto Attendant System For Your Business Voicemail

Setting Up Auto Attendant System For Your Business Voicemail

With the busier lifestyle people have today, there is a high demand for the ability to stay connected through different technological tools. One of these tools specifically is voicemail.

Through a web-based system, our users can communicate with different people, particularly with business contacts and sales contacts.

An auto attendant system can also ensure an efficient and effective handling of incoming and outgoing calls to your business phone number.

What are the features of auto attendant system?

The main features of the auto attendant system are voice mail, caller identity, fax to email, call screening, call waiting, dial by name, extension numbers and call forwarding.

The auto attendant system acts as a receptionist. Through pre-recorded professional-sounding welcome messages, you can be assured that all calls will be answered promptly.

After the greeting, callers are directed to the right person or extension. The auto attendant system can distinguish the destination of the call based on the choices made by the caller.

  • Depending on your phone service provider, you can have custom greetings for your auto attendant.
  • You can also use a different message for different days, business hours and holidays.
  • Multiple calls can be managed by the system. It can answer every call, eliminating busy signals and lost customers.
  • One of the most important features of the system is call forwarding. With this, no business call will be missed again.
  • Calls will be forwarded by the auto attendant to whoever the person wants to talk with.
  • It will also be forwarded to alternate phone extension numbers such as the recipient’s cell phone number.

When you have an auto attendant system, you will not be missing any important communication related to business matters such as products, deals, and services.

It’s easy, and there are different budget options that can address your needs and preferences. With the auto attendant system tied in to your voicemail number, the progress and efficiency of your business is ensured.