VoIP, PBX Solutions

Our VoIP systems are expandable and adaptable to meet the needs of your business with ease. They can be set up for a single office or interconnected for communication between several offices, regardless of location. An office in Phoenix could dial an extension for someone in Beijing and be connected without incurring any phone costs. Standard features include the ability to create IVRs (phone menus), voicemail with the ability to e-mail incoming voicemails, ring groups, and conferencing. The system can be fully customized to suit the needs of any business. With the ability to connect to the system remotely, physical location is no longer a limiting factor in making or receiving calls as if locally at the office.

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Why choose VoIP

The cost savings from using VoIP (Voice Over IP) over traditional PSTN (analog phones) are tremendous. By eliminating the need for using traditional phone companies’ expensive infrastructure, businesses can drastically reduce the cost of long distance while gaining the features of a large, expensive PBX at a fraction of the cost.


Flexible configurationFax machines require extra component or line
Long distance cost savingsInitial cost vs non-PBX phone system
Phones can be used remotelyPhones require network access
Enterprise class system 

VoIP Cost-Savings

With an average of 2000 minutes of long distance per month per year:

  • VoIP: $456 @ $0.019/min
  • Qwest: $1680 @ $0.07/min

Other Key Points

  • Proven technology
  • Standards-based, prevents “vendor-lock”
  • Server built with commodity hardware, which minimizes downtime
  • Voicemails sent to email addresses